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Questions and answers

What is Aixeta and how does it work?


Aixeta (a-SHEH-ta, which means 'faucet' in Catalan) is a continuous crowdfunding platform which connects creators with their audience. The creators open a page in Aixeta to share the things that they create—stories, poems, songs, scripts, comic strips, drawings, columns, and more—and makes them available to the followers that have subscribed to their page. The subscriptions are very accessible—as low as one or two euros a month—but in their entirety from the whole set of subscribers can serve as a stable economic cushion that allows a creator to concentrate their energy on their artistic work—in the broadest sense of the word artistic—and thus increase it, to benefit themselves, their subscribers and society as a whole. In addition to donations, subscribers also can contribute comments, questions, and suggestions.

A creative person or group opens a page on Aixeta. They upload a photograph and a description of their work. They define three or four levels of subscriptions and specify a donation amount corresponding to each level. They periodically upload contents and specify the subscriber levels that will have access to them. They share information through social media. People who are interested in the creator and want to support their art can subscribe to their page by donating a small amount of money each month. The subscription gives them access to the contents of each corresponding level of subscription. The creator, thanks to the stable financing offered by all of their followers, can focus on creating things.

Aixeta was created with an initial private investment by its founder but the objective is for it to finance itself. To that end, the platform retains 5% of the subscriptions that each creator earns.

This income is used to keep the platform up to date, host the server and pay the people who work for the association. The rest of the income from subscriptions—minus bank commissions and taxes—goes directly to the creators.

As Aixeta gets underway, it needs resources to keep funding creative projects. For that reason, and to ensure its autofinancing, we encourage you to become a sponsor of Aixeta itself at any of the proposed levels of subscription. 

Aixeta is a non-profit association. That means that any earnings of the association will be used to promote new creators, finance research and specific projects, and award grants. Aixeta is a community-based project that returns its profits to the community.

For several reasons. First, because it's too hard to earn a living as an artist on this planet and in particular in this country. And secondly, there are many people who want to follow and support our favorite artists so that they can continue creating—we need their art to live. Before, in order to live as an artist, it was necessary to earn the favor of some intermediary gatekeeper—a publishing house, a recording label, a movie studio—but today, with Aixeta, you just need the support of your community. None of us has enough money on our own to support an artist, but if we collaborate together we do have the capacity to do so. And by supporting artists we make it possible for there to be more art, and that makes us stronger as a society. 

L'Aixeta is a non-profit association. The legal name is "Associació l'Aixeta per la promoció cultural" (Aixeta Assotiation for cultural promotion). Our NIF is G67322925.

From the spring of 2023, Aixeta will be managed by the singer-songwriter Cesk Freixas (Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, 1984), who will assume the presidency of the association, as well as the full management of the platform, facing and formalizing nor a new stage. Cesk Freixas is a singer, poet and songwriter. Due to his facet as an activist, militant of struggles in favor of all sovereignties and the defense of the common good, and his professional career linked to creation, he is an expert connoisseur of the mechanisms, strategies and dynamics of micro patronage and crowdfunding, and is also passionate about new technologies, free software and digital tools.

The founder of Aixeta is Liz Castro (San Leandro, California, 1965), who launched it in 2019. As an author of computer books, she has explained to people how to use technological tools. As an activist, he has seen how Catalan society came together to take very big actions.

It's true that Verkami or Kickstarter, like Aixeta, are crowdfunding platforms where lots of people make moderate donations to help someone finance a new project that they wouldn't otherwise be able to finance. But Verkami and Kickstarter are crowdfunding platforms for projects that last a certain number of days and have a specific objective. If the creator doesn't receive the necessary level of donations, they don't earn anything. And once the campaign is over, the relationship between the creator and their supporters is finished. 

Aixeta, in contrast, has no deadline, because it aims to help support the creator's entire production, not a specific project. Neither does it have a specific financial objective: the creator might have many or few supporters, depending on their work and on the campaign that they carry out. And the relationship is constant and longterm: the creator is committed to producing their work, and their supporters will continue to enjoy them as long as they continue to donate. Supporters can also offer comments and suggestions and other kinds of feedback. 

Traditional crowdfunding sites like Verkami and continuous crowdfunding Aixeta are complementary. A creative person can use Aixeta to help create a stable, longterm relationship with a group of supporters, and at the same time use Verkami for specific projects that have special financing needs.

The other important difference is that Aixeta is a non-profit association whose only objective is to promote the creation of culture, in the broadest sense.

Yes, it is. Aixeta works only with free software libraries and its code is accessible by the community as a whole. Although it was not the main goal at its birth, turning Aixeta into a platform of continuous micro-patronage of reference in the field of the compartment of knowledge, and of non-proprietary digital tools, has become one of our flags. Throughout this 2024 all Aixeta code will become public, since right now, for security and data protection reasons, we have two repositories that are not. In this way, we will make it possible for free access to our infrastructure to facilitate the detection of errors, their resolution, and the continuous improvement of the platform. Among all and for all.
Aixeta lives on the Internet. It was born and has started working in the Catalan Countries. We believe that there are many creative people in this country who are not creating culture because they have neither the time nor the resources. Aixeta will allow them to do it, and that they don't have to travel to big cities to do it. The website is currently available in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. We plan to increase the range of languages ​​and add new countries and states in the coming months, so that speakers of many languages ​​and people from many different places can make themselves and feel welcome on this platform. However, creator content can be in any language...or none at all!


First of all, you need to create your Aixeta user. To do so, you must go to this link and fill in all the fields that we ask of you. Once you have provided all the data (name, surname, email address and password), and you have accepted the requirements (privacy policy and terms of use), you can click the "Next" button and start thinking and building your page as a creator in Aixeta. Throughout the process, you will find an icon in the shape of a rounded question mark that will help you locate and orient yourself in the various spaces, and also in your administration panel. If you have doubts and questions, send us an email at [email protected] and the Aixeta team will help and advise you. Welcome, welcome to Aixeta!
Your page won't be public until you activate it, by clicking the Activate your page button on the Configure your page page (which you get to by choosing Settings in the menu).

Once it's activated, it will be listed on the Explore page and will come up in search results. 

If you need to hide your page a while, without losing the publications you've posted, you can always deactivate it.
Pages can be created both at an individual level, that is, for people, and at a collective level, that is, for entities, associations, cooperatives, companies, etc. So, Aixeta is suitable for both individuals and groups.

After you have created a user, when you enter the platform you will see that on the top right there is a button that says "Create a page". If you click on it, you can choose the name you want it to have and the subdomain ( or, for example). Once done, you will have it ready to start editing and you can fill it with all the information you want. Once you have the page created, in the "Legal Information" section (here), you can specify who is behind the page. Within this section there is a space where you put "Type", and you can choose between "Individual" and "Company/Entity". If you are a person, choose the first one. If you are a group, select this last option. The legal data we collect to be able to formalize payments will be filled in by you in relation to this.
It costs you nothing. You don't have to pay any amount to have a creator page on Aixeta. As we explain in the next question-and-answer, our platform works with a system of commissions (5%), which we apply automatically, and without you having to make any move, to all the payments you receive once you have your active page.
1. As a creator, keep in mind that the subscription levels include VAT. In addition, both Stripe (our payments manager) and Aixeta itself charges a commission, which we’ll explain throughout this document. That’s why we recommend you set the minimum subscription level to 2€, in order to be worth it to you. 

2. When a patron subscribes to your page, the amount of the subscription is immediately charged to their credit card. Two commissions are deducted—one for Stripe and one for Aixeta—and the remaining amount is saved in a private subaccount that we create for you on Stripe. At the end of the month, we take all of the monies that have accumulated in your subaccount, create a written report (a payout), a bill from Aixeta for the commissions, and a bank transfer to your account. Stripe collects an additional commission at this time.
3. Aixeta collects a single commission of 5% on all subscriptions and donations.

4. Stripe collects a commission for each individual subscription or donation. There are two possible formulas, in each one there is a fixed amount and a percentage of the total amount charged.
If the subscription is very small (equal or less than 5€), Stripe collects 5% of the subscription amount plus a fixed amount of 0,05€. For example if the subscription was 3€, Stripe would charge you a commission of 0,20€ (which corresponds to the fixed amount of 0,05€ plus 5% of 3€ or 0,05).  
For larger amounts (more than 5€), made with a European credit card, Stripe charges 1,4% plus a fixed amount of 0,25€. For example, on a subscription of 10€, the commission would be 0,14€ (which is 1,4% of 10€) plus 0,25€ for a total of 0,39€. (If the patron uses a non-European credit card, the commission is 2,9% + 0,25€ and thus on a subscription of 10€, the commission would be 0,29€ + 0,25€ for a total of 0,54€.)
In summary:
if the subscription is equal or less than 5€ -> 5% + 0,05€
if it’s more than 5€ -> 1,4% + 0,25€ (o 2,9% + 0,25€ if it’s a foreign credit card)
Aixeta negotiated this difference with Stripe to reduce the cost of your commissions: there is a very small fixed amount for small subscriptions, and there’s a small percentage for larger subscriptions.
Stripe also charges a commission when transferring you money as explained in point 6 below.
5. On the first of each month, we renew and charge all subscriptions automatically.
6. On the 10th of each month, if you have at least 25€ accumulated, Aixeta orders a transfer of your monies to your bank account. This payout includes all of the money that has been collected over the course of the month, that is the new subscriptions and individual donations as well as any renewals made on the previous 1st of the month. 
Stripe subtracts 2,10€ + 0,25% of the transfer amount as a commission for carrying out the transfer.
For example, if throughout the month you accumulated 1000€ in your Stripe subaccount, Stripe would charge 4,6€ (1000* 0,25% = 2,5€ + 2,1€) and then transfer the remaining 995,4€ to your bank account.
The transfer sometimes takes a few days to wend its way into your bank account. It should arrive between the 12th and 14th of the month.
7. Aixeta creates an invoice for the previous period for both our own commissions as well as Stripe’s along with 21% VAT. You can see and download your invoices on the Invoices page.
8. You can generate a spread sheet of the amounts charged to patrons in order to bill them or pay your VAT on the Charges page
9. The Next payout page displays all the subscriptions and donations since the previous payout so you can have an idea of how much the next payout will be. You have to add in the renewals of existing subscriptions.
10. You can view and download payouts and invoices in the corresponding sections of the Income page.
There are several questions that, from a tax and social security contribution point of view, arise when receiving financial amounts through micro-patronage. In the tax field, the general rule would be that donations and contributions received in this context are not subject to VAT. This means that the amounts received thanks to patrons as donations will not generate a VAT debt that must be paid to the Tax Agency. Note, however, that this rule may change if you are actually providing a good or service in exchange for the donation. If the donation is linked to a specific consideration (such as a product, service or benefit), it could be subject to VAT. If the donation has no counterpart, that is, there is no physical or concrete reward in return, and is understood as a generic support, it is subject only to Gift Tax.

For more information, you can consult the Treasury and taxation section, included in the Material for creators section.

L'Aixeta can guide you on tax obligations, but we always recommend going to an agency, where they will advise you with all the knowledge of the case in relation to this issue.
No. They can also be political projects, volunteering ideas, or tangible things like artesanal cheese or historical visits. The only limit is your imagination.
In Aixeta you can share text, audio, images and videos. Regarding the formats of the content uploaded to Aixeta, the audio must be in MP3, the images in JPG, GIF or PNG, and the videos in any of the conventional formats (MPEG, AVI, MP4...).
No way. The creator always holds the copyright on their work. They only have to give permission to Aixeta to publish it and to subscribers to enjoy it.
Minors can have a page on Aixeta as long as they have permission from their parents or legal guardian. Aixeta will provide a document with which they can certify this requirement.

The income that you receive via Aixeta is considered income from your economic activity. If your annual income does not go over the minimum salary for that year (12.600€ in 2019), you can have a page without it affecting your pension.

Remember however that Aixeta offers neither legal nor accounting services and we recommend you consult your own experts.
Aixeta awards the badge and the verification mark to those creators that we consider to be popular or relevant within our platform. In general, the criteria for obtaining a badge or verification mark on Aixeta are:

  • Have more than 50 active patrons (on Aixeta)
  • Have more than 100 followers (on Aixeta)
  • Having a page with activity

The verification process is carried out carefully and rigorously by the Board of Directors of Aixeta. We review the applications objectively and try to provide a response quickly, within a maximum of 7 days. A badge or a verification mark does not imply that our platform gives more support or more importance to the pages that have them. This is a mechanism that is currently in the testing phase. You can request the badge or verification mark in this form.


If you want to be a patron and subscribe to one of Aixeta pages, you must create a user. And it's very simple! You must access the registration screen and fill in all the fields that are requested: first name, last name, email and password. You can also choose whether you want to receive information from Aixeta, and you must accept our privacy policy, as well as our terms of use. When you click the "Register" button, you will receive an email in your inbox welcoming you as a new user, and subsequently, voluntarily, if you wish, you will be able to verify your email address through from the attached link. Welcome, welcome to Aixeta!
If you don't remember your password to access Aixeta, or simply, for security reasons, you want to change it, don't worry. It's very simple. You just have to access this link. Our system will ask you for your email address. You will automatically receive a link in your inbox to recover and reset your password. If you need to contact us, do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected].
You can enter the payment method in the Payment method section of your menu as a user. At the moment, only credit or debit cards can be entered. You must provide your card number, its expiry date and the three control numbers. Once you have entered these data, you can click on the "Save" button. At this point, the Aixeta system will automatically contact your bank, in order to ask for an authorization and, in this way, to be able to enable the payment method. You will have to do this authentication through the mobile application enabled by your bank, or from the personal space that the financial institution reserves for you as a customer on its website. You will see that our system makes a request to your bank with an economic amount of €0.00. This is normal, don't worry: it's just the mechanism we use to link your credit or debit card to our payment gateway. When you have completed this authorization, your card will appear as a new payment method. Whenever you want, you can delete, replace and update it.
In general, you subscribe to a specific creator (or more than one!). Go to their page and subscribe at the desired level in order to make a microdonation to their work.

You can also subscribe directly to Aixeta itself to help us fund this community platform. We need your support too!
It's up to you. Each creator defines their own subscription levels, which you can find on the Subscription levels panel on each creator's page. There are subscription levels as low as one euro, and there are others that are much higher. You can subscribe to as many creators as you like—or just to one.
The subscription is charged at the time of registration. And, subsequently, every first day of the month from that day until you unsubscribe.
You can change the subscription level at any time. You can decide to make a larger donation this month and then go back to an earlier amount for next month. Or you can decide to support different creators. As a patron, you decide who you help and to what degree. 

When you subscribe to a new level, the old one is cancelled automatically.

If you want to cancel a subscription, you can go to the menu (clicking the round icon) and choose Supporting, and then choose the creator whose subscription you want to cancel and click "Cancel subscription". You won't be charged again.
If you want to cancel a subscription, you can do it from your menu (which is displayed when you click on the round icon) and choose the Subscriptions section. There you will see all the creators to whom you are giving your financial support. Select the subscription you want to cancel and click the Unsubscribe button. From that moment on, you will no longer be charged for the subscription.
If for some reason, either because you don't have a debit or credit card, or because you don't feel safe using digital payment tools, Aixeta puts at your disposal all the facilities so you can collaborate and support to those projects you want. For this reason, we enable a bank transfer service. You just have to send us an email to [email protected] indicating:

  •  First and last name
  •  Identity document
  •  Creator you want to support
  •  Financial amount you want to contribute monthly

We will manage your information with security and privacy and, once we have your approval, we will make a monthly direct debit, which Aixeta will send to the creator you tell us.