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Aixeta uses technology and social networks to leverage the joint force of the people in support of our creative community. The idea is to connect creators directly with their audiences so that the former can benefit from feedback and ongoing, dependable economic support while the latter enjoy the creations as well as a closer connection with the artists. Instead of depending on public institutions or middlemen, we community members can act directly, financing the artistic projects that interest us.

Between all of us, we can create a network of support for our creative community so that they can earn a living from their creativity and thus be able to focus on it, thereby increasing and digging deeper into their art. A society that takes care of its culture does not only strengthen the culture but also the society itself while becoming more interesting and fun.

How does Aixeta work?

A creator—perhaps a writer, musician, documentalist, scriptwriter, illustrator, photographer, columnist, whatever—opens a page in Aixeta and uses it to share their creations. They define several subscription levels and the perks that coorespond to each level. Aixeta announces, promotes, and shares information about these new works. People come to Aixeta to discover new artistic work. Whoever wants to support a creator and have access to their creations can subscribe directly to that creator for a few euros a month. Taken as a whole, the subscriptions form a stable source of financing for the creator, who will be able to focus their energy on their artistic work and also enjoy the connection with their audience.

Aixeta will collect 5% of the donations in order to fund the platform itself, but any profits from the association will be reinvested in the artistic community through grants and awards.